About Us

“reno2you.com - Malaysia most comprehensive renovation & construction online service provider platform”

reno2you brings business and homeowners a new and simplified platform of sourcing for renovation-related services with the most comprehensive and centralized directory available in Malaysia. As a dynamic interconnection tool to link space owners with professional directly, reno2you is established in response to the current demands of modern owners who seek a fuss-free renovation experience.

Designed as a user-friendly online portal that provides end-to-end solutions, reno2you significantly simplifies the process of sourcing, searching and shopping for renovation-related services. At just the click of a button, space owners have access to a wealth of listings and resources under one roof within a highly dedicated platform.

From designers, architect, contractors to building material product specialists, our wide range of listing in our ever expanding network will be rated by the professional association partner & also from the space owner! To make a better transparency of their service experience to be share to others. A must-have tool for every renovation project, reno2you is a leading one-stop renovation hub that offers homeowners total peace of mind as they transform their dream ideas into reality.